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If anyone should need assistance in locating insurance information regarding home owner policies, life insurance policies, we may be able to assist in the location and coverage. Should anyone desire assistance at no cost contact Herman Thordsen, Esq, (714) 662-4990 or


We are a full-service law firm based in Orange County, California. With over 48 years of combined experience, our firm makes a conscious effort to keep current with state and federal legislative and regulatory developments. We utilize this information to serve our clients as a dedicated and informed legal firm. We represent clients in business litigation, personal injury, bankruptcy, estate planning and family law, lending and real estate law, administrative agency hearings, and cases involving intellectual property as well as entertainment law. On federal matters we represent clients nationwide. Our attorneys are licensed in California and Nevada.

We have successfully represented companies and individuals under investigation or charged with violations of real estate laws and regulations, as well as those charged with or under investigation for mortgage fraud. We actively defend individuals in demands from lenders and federal agencies to buy back loans or pay for losses on loans. We advise and assist companies in developing policies and pre-audit procedures to avoid violations of such laws as the Dodd-Frank Act.

Through our various publications and appearances, we keep mortgage lenders and brokers aware of changes in mortgage financing laws of the various governmental agencies.

The information and manuals presented in this site are provided as a service to our clients and the public. We encourage you to visit all our pages, and we welcome your comments. If there is an issue you are interested in but you do not see it here, please let us know. In Southern California call (714) 662-4990. If you’re in Northern California or out of state, call us toll free (888) 667-8529. Enjoy your visit!

Note: The contents of this web site should not be considered as constituting legal advice. An attorney should be consulted before acting on any information given in this web site. Our firm is licensed in the state of California and various federal courts only.

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  1. juan ochoa says:

    hello, i’m a new CAMP member and would like to take advantage of the FREE half hour offered for legal advise. please advise how I can do this?? thanks

  2. Alan Bishop says:

    Don’t forget to send me your retainer form and contact info.

    Associated Mortgage Group
    49280 Liberty st . #101
    Fremont, CA 94538


  3. Daniel Mangaroni says:

    I just called your office to inquire about possibly receiving assistance with 2-3 collections accounts. I was asked to log on to your web page and request a case number.
    Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.
    Daniel Mangaroni
    Lydia Mangaroni

  4. I trust you received an answer.
    Herman Thordsen, Esq.
    Thordsen Law Offices
    151 Kalmus Drive
    Suite B-250
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    (714) 662-4990
    (714) 662-4993 Direct Line
    (888) 667-8529

  5. Justin says:

    Thanks for writing this! I visit your site pretty often and I always feel smarter afterwards.
    I shared this article on Facebook and my friends thought it was great too.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate what you’re doing here.
    Sincerely, Your #1 fan! lol :)

  6. Will Clinton says:

    Mr Thordsen, I wanted to take adantage of the free 30 minutes for a compensation question. I know we can’t offer a bonus on $ brought and only on volume of loans.
    Could we offer a bonus on a certain type of loans like Reverse Mortgages, if 2 were closed in a quarter? If yes then could we pay a bonus on lets say so many jumbo loans in a quarter?
    I am sure this is a question many owners would like to know. Thanks



    Upon petition by a licensee accompanied by a fee sufficient to defray costs associated with consideration of a petition, the commissioner may remove from the posting of discipline described in subdivision (a) an item that has been posted on the bureau’s Internet Web site for no less than 10 years and for which the licensee provides evidence of rehabilitation indicating that the notice is no longer required in order to prevent a credible risk to members of the public utilizing licensed activity of the licensee.  In evaluating a petition, the Commissioner shall take into consideration other violations that present a credible risk to the members of the public since the posting of discipline requested for removal. (10083.2(c))


    This law changes again on January 1, 2018 at which time “associate Brokers” become at risk and the broker of record becomes further at risk regarding disclosure/nondisclosure of associate broker status. If you think you may qualify, call us. There is no charge for the screening. If a licensee does not qualify that is the end of it and there is no fee whatsoever for the screening. If there are any questions for a free consultation contact me at (888) 667-8529.

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