Thursday August 24, 2017 8:36 am


News to cover issues and learn about “Hidden Liens” that can harm homeowners.

  1. Spouse of veteran must sign note or deed of trust on VA loan.
  2. Two in Marin County, California get over three years in federal prison over purported “bridge loans.”
  3. Modesto, California man gets over 3 years in prison for collecting advance fees.
  4. Two Vallejo, California residents plead guilty to mortgage and foreclosure rescue scam.
  5. Hidden liens that could exist on your property in various forms. Read carefully.
  6. In Nevada servicing loans on your own property may require you to have the new Mortgage Servicing License.
  7. Washington State again warns of Scam Lenders collecting advance fees on small loans
  8. Washington seems to prolific on scam lenders collecting advance fees on small loans. Here is yet another one.


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