Thursday August 24, 2017 8:32 am


  1. Porter Ranch, California update.
  2. Northern California Property Manager dies in the attempt to evict tenants.
  3. New rule allows you to get your medical records easier without having to give an explanation. Aids us in assisting you in your personal injury case.
  4. Here are the average times to close purchase and refi loans.
  5. Three companies in California and 9 agents “nailed” in foreclosure rescue scam.
  6. Los Angeles man charge with multi-million dollar foreclosure rescue scam in Visalia and Salinas, California
  7. Hard Money Lender convicted of stealing over $2.9 million in Orange County, California. Anyone know him?
  8. Nevada defaults and foreclosures still on the high side.
  9. 2 Dallas, Texas men accused of fraudulent taking ownership of homes using forged quit claim deeds.
  10. What do you think are the five deadliest jobs in the country? Guess first and read second. But you will probably be incorrect.


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